S2: E25: Inspiring Awe and Creativity through Art Museums and Education w/ Emily Holtrop

We are joined by Emily Holtrop of the National Art Education Association and Association of Art Museum Directors and current Director of Learning and Interpretation at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She is the 2018 National Art Museum Art Educator, and has worked as a museum educator for 17 years - she oversees the education initiatives by the Cincinnati Art Museum. Emily has been invited to share recent findings on the importance of art museum field trips, as well as the greater impact of arts education for students.

This podcast was inspired by these recent findings. Essentially, art museums are important, but now there’s some scientific proof! By taking one’s class to an art museum, there are gains in how students see the world, particularly promoting critical thinking, empathy, creative thinking, academic development, and a measurable “sense of wonder.” You can watch the entire presentation for the NAEA/AAMD study here.

Emily and I discuss this study, how to get involved with an art museum, as well as elevating art education in schools.