S2: E28: Equitable Makerspace Pedagogy w/ Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett is the Makerspace Coordinator at the Harbour School in Hong Kong. Mark has focused his career on not only designing and managing makerspaces, but ensuring that all children have access to their opportunities. In his TEDx talk, you can listen in to his passionate plea for a Makerspace education - and how educators can shift their classrooms toward the future. Also, Mark is one of our latest contributors for the Human Restoration Project!

In our discussion, Mark and I (Chris) discuss various elements of Makerspace Pedagogy, including:

  • What is a Makerspace?

  • What defines the purpose of a Makerspace, and is it possible for less-funded schools to have one?

  • How can we utilize PBL and hands-on experiences to incorporate Makerspaces in our classrooms?

  • Where is the Makerspace movement going next, and how can we partner to ensure we’re staying connected?

Mark recommends checking out The Copenhagen Letter from The Copenhagen Project for essentially “words to live by” for the Makerspace movement.