S2: E26: Engaging Students with Meaningful Work and Partnerships w/ Zack Jones (Dual School)

We are joined by Zack Jones, Director of Dual School in Wilmington, Delaware. Zack is both administrator and author, writing The World Changer's Handbook: A Young Person's Guide to Creating an Impactful Life, which details purpose building and creative work for students - which you learn more about on Zack’s daily blog at zcjones.com. The Dual School program is offered to New Castle County, Delaware students as a 10-week program which focuses on self-directed student projects that are aided by area professionals. You can learn more about Dual School, as well as see their impressive case studies, on their website at DualSchool.com.

Specifically, Zack and I discuss how this program could be replicated in other locations (perhaps even as simply an after school program organized by an educator), the importance of networking and professional connections, and how to make schooling more relevant through meaningful self-directed work. Zack has offered to lend his voice (or Dual School students) to anyone inquiring - you can reach him at info@dualschool.com. As a side note, in the episode I bring up a social impact project I’ve done with my classes, which is the Diamond Challenge.