S2: E13: Traditional Education Critique & the Movement Toward Self-Directed Thought w/ "Sisyphus"

Mike, who goes by the Twitter handle "Sisyphus", has been in public education for 25 years. He has worked as an assistant principal in a suburban middle school for 8 years but is back in the classroom now. Sisyphus wants to remain anonymous because his personal education philosophy drastically clashes with his district's philosophy. He has hopes of getting back into administration so he can hopefully make some child friendly changes.

Sisyphus and I (Chris) talk about the issues that we see with traditional education, as well as offer some critique to the self-directed education model. Then, we focus in on the topic I wanted to explore most: the messaging factor of alternative education. How can we press traditional education as a critical voice without disparaging and alienating those with good intentions? Is it possible to have critique without pure negativity? Given that Mike has literally taken a moniker because of the perception of his views, it seems like a candid discussion to be had. You can follow Mike on Twitter @Sisyphus38.