S2: E24: Addressing Adversity and Trauma w/ Michael Lamb (Turnaround for Children)

Today we’re joined by Michael Lamb, executive director for the education nonprofit Turnaround for Children in Washington, D.C. Previously, Michael helped lead the US Dept. of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, and was a Senior Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education on school turnaround and high school redesign. One of the most most important experiences in Michael’s career was teaching in a school on the south side of Chicago.

Turnaround for Children translates breakthrough science - including neuroscience - into, tools, strategies and resources to help all children thrive, with a particular focus on students who  experience adversity and trauma. This school year, Turnaround is offering professional development, coaching, and technical assistance to schools and school districts, serving approximately 4,000 educators and 50,000 students.

Michael and I discuss how to effectively revitalize education to help those who need it the most.