Eliminating Homework

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National Differences, Global Similarities: World Culture and the Future of Schooling.** Baker, David & LeTendre, Gerald. 2005.

  • Study finds that American middle school students have more homework than their peers in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. However, this did not correlate with any achievement: test scores were highest for countries assigning the least homework (Denmark, Czech Republic) and lowest for those with the most (Iran, Thailand.)

Testing a Model of School Learning: Direct and Indirect Effects on Academic Achievement**. Cool, Valerie. Keith, Timothy. Contemporary Educational Psychology. 1991.

  • Motivation, ability, and quality of instruction were found to all have important outcomes to a student's success in school, however, homework was found to be negligible or even counterproductive.

Testing a Model of School Learning. Contemporary Educational Policy. Cool, Valerie & Keith, Timothy. 1991.

  • Analyzed hundreds of high school student responses to the value of homework in relation to their success. After factoring in quality of instruction, motivation, and class choices, found that homework had no meaningful effect on achievement

When is Homework Worth the Time?: Evaluating the Association Between Homework and Achievement in High School Science and Math. Maltese, Adam. Tai, Robert. The High School Journal. 2012.

  • States that mathematics and science homework had only significant relevance to standardized testing, not obtaining high grades in a classroom - the implication being that homework's negative impact on students is only helping on standardized tests.


Does Homework Really Improve Achievement? Arkansas Tech University. Costley, Kevin. 2013.

  • An analysis of many homework studies which finds that homework has marginal gains at best, and only at higher grade levels.

End Homework Now. Educational Leadership. Kralovec, K. & Buell, J. 2001.

  • A series of studies on how homework impacts family life which found that parents felt their children needed to complete homework, but it resulted in a loss of important family time. In addition, over 50% of subjects noted that homework led to stress, struggle, and serious familial arguments.