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Ideas on restoring humanity to your classroom.

Taking theory and putting it into practice, praxis, is easier said than done. As we create radically student-centered classrooms, it's imperative we provide resources for one another to help structure our ideas. We are looking for submissions that change systems in classrooms, such as assessment, discipline, self-direction, experiential learning, or social justice. Instead of one-and-done lesson plans, these are shifts in one's classroom structure that allow for human-centered learning to occur. Have you adopted a portfolio system? Created a self-selected English project?

We deeply appreciate your generosity in sharing practices that will promote human-centered learning. As teachers, we recognize the value in making knowledge free and accessible to all. By submitting your work to Human Restoration Project, will we host your content (or its link) via our website under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which will allow others to utilize your work with credit, as long as it is not for profit. You retain full rights to your work, and may request at any time for its removal.

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