RD008: Do Less - Mindfulness

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RD008: Do Less - Mindfulness


Control is the threshold that defines “good teaching” to so many schools:

  • “Your students are so well behaved!”

  • “Your classroom is always so quiet!”

  • “I never have to deal with anyone sent down from your classroom!”

This runs contradictory to negative statements - or what could be seen as “bad teaching”:

  • “Your students are all over the place!”

  • “Your classroom is so loud!”

  • “Oh no, what’s the problem this time?”

Of course, some control is necessary. Without any control, the classroom may become an unsafe environment - and safety is everyone’s top priority. However, we must analyze what it means to be in control of a classroom. Are we acting as guides or bending others to our will? Are students engaged and therefore, quiet, or being ruled over with a watchful eye? Are we allowing for organic behavior or holding the reins so tightly that nothing can go wrong?

In this reflective development, we discuss the importance of breaks and positive mindfulness activities.

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