Introducing Re:Teaching with Nick Covington

Keeping up with education is difficult, and as a full-time teacher and parent of two I get it. As HRP grows and people share content, it's become daunting to follow, and we don’t want you to feel like you have to be tweeting or reading articles on your morning commute to keep up. 

That’s why I’m here on behalf of Chris & myself announcing a new weekly short-form podcast that I’ll be hosting called Re: Teaching. Re: Teaching will supplement the thematic interview format that you know from listening to Chris and his many wonderful guests on “Things Fall Apart”. So while Chris will still be producing compelling episodes of “Things Fall Apart” that address progressive approaches to learning & doing school, what I hope to accomplish with Re: Teaching is to provide a 10-15 minute weekly summary & analysis of the highlights happening in and around progressive ed and related research that you can listen to on a walk, while making dinner, driving to work - any place you can keep your earbuds in and the learning going.