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Last modified 7/31/21

The Terms of Use, outlined below, govern the implementation and application of Human Restoration Project (HRP)’s learning and microcredentialing (MC) platform, located at humanrestorationproject.org/learn. MC, centered on progressive practices that change educational systems in schools, and performed by teacher action research, help educators hone in on research-backed classroom endeavors. These credentials and certification processes are designed to be accessed on all devices and available for all learners.

I. Intellectual Property and Licensing

All of HRP’s materials on humanrestorationproject.org follow a Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA) license. This means that other organizations and individuals may copy and adapt these resources as long as the work is attributed to Human Restoration Project. Further, one must indicate what changes were made to the work, and a link must be provided to this webpage. Any remixed or built upon work must be released under the same license as this site (CC-BY-NC-SA.) Finally, you may not use any legal terms or technological measures to restrict others from this licensing.

II. Data Collection

This website uses cookies to cache browser data for easier accessibility, faster load times, and the saving of form fields. No data is collected and/or sold for third parties, and HRP does not store any unsolicited data from the end user.

When a MC and/or course is submitted for review or feedback to HRP, this data is stored within Google's web services (Google Drive.) This data is not publicly assessable. However, we require all MC users to submit a final, publicized copy of their documentation to be published on HumanRestorationProject.org. The user may request for some information (last name, school name) to be omitted. Likewise, course responses and/or feedback are only displayed if permission is explicitly granted by the user.

HRP is committed to following FERPA, and all student names and identifying information must be aliased or omitted before submitting for review and/or publication for certification.

III. Microcredential Issuing

HRP houses its own MC process and is willing to accept third-party issuers. HRP has sole discretion on who becomes an issuer, based primarily on our assessment of the quality of the MC, the organization’s background, and its relevance to Human Restoration Project’s progressive ideals. HRP does not house MC issuers who charge for their product and/or represent one individual*.

*An additional charge for graduate and/or certified continuing education credits is permitted. However, the base MC must be provided free of charge.

Interested MC issuers may reach out to Human Restoration Project via our website. Each applicant will be provided the same process: (1) an interview determining the applicant’s understanding and goals for MCing, (2) a review of past work and organizational ideals, (3) a review of the MC offered and its adherence to HRP progressive values, (4) feedback and review of ways to improve the MC, and (5) an agreement on how the MC will be assessed and rolled out.

MC issuers will follow all of HRP’s branding guidelines, discussed in our interview, as well as planning guidelines pertaining to the administration, assessment, and guidance of the MC. HRP will periodically review these MCs to determine if they are still meeting our organizational needs and guidance. All MCs will be hosted under our IP rights (see Section I.)

IV. Assessors and Assessment

HRP will be the sole determinator of assessors for HRP and third-party MC issuers. Assessors will be chosen based on their background knowledge and familiarity with the MC in question. Each MC will have its own lead assessor, followed by additional assistance.

At any point, MCs may change based off of the assessor’s opinion of the validity of the MC. If a MC is determined to have an inappropriate difficulty level, improper process, or further corrections to be made, HRP and the assessor will review and revise the process.

When the user sends their microcredential for feedback to HRP, one of our assessors will provide ample evaluative feedback. This feedback is available throughout the course of the microcredential. There is no final score for this process, just the issuance of the credential or refusal of credential. In the case of refusal, the assessor will provide feedback on how to remediate and resubmit the process. Further, the user will be given contact information of the assessor for additional support.

All final assessed and issued MCs for users will require the publication of their work on the HRP organization website, humanrestorationproject.org. This information may be anonymized if requested. HRP assessors are forbidden to share a user’s personal data or MC information without prior approval.

Appeals on MC certification may be sent via our “Contact Us” page. A full review of our assessor’s feedback and materials submitted will be conducted. If an assessor is not upholding to HRP standards for assessment, or in any way is showing discriminatory behavior, they will be released from HRP’s MCing process.

There is no timeline for assessment for HRP MCing. However, a commitment is placed to assess all materials in a timely fashion.

V. Amendments

At any point, HRP may decide to modify, change, add to, or subtract any of the above Terms of Use. Any changes will be documented on this web page.