Bonus: Inaugural HRP Summit: A Meeting of Progressive Educators

Nick and I (Chris) are experimenting with new ways to grow our progressive community. Social media is a double-edged sword: it’s amazing for discovering connections in a way that’s never existed before, but not intuitive for deep conversations. So, we’ve started our monthly Summit! This is an online discussion for anyone who wants to attend.

We were thrilled to hear such inspiring voices share their “whys”, challenges, and solutions. It’s incredible to hear what work is being done throughout the world, and the opportunity to connect and learn more is so beneficial. At many points, we’re referring to ideas that can be found in the video below, however - the discussion is still valuable as audio.

ATTENDEES (as recorded)

  • Jessica Packer-Quinnell

  • Jill Gurtner

  • Mary Wessel

  • Terri Broce

  • Julia Fliss

  • Trina

  • Burton Hable

  • Nick Covington

  • Shannon

  • Sybil

  • Garreth Heidt

  • John Cagle

  • Chris McNutt