Let's build human-centered schools that advocate for students and educators.

Young people and educators deserve better from their schools. This conference aims to inform, guide, and actionize teachers toward fixing the problems of the classroom and advocating for a just society. See how we can reimagine education through a new conference format.


Conference to Restore Humanity! is an international invitation for K-12 and college educators to engage in a human-centered system redesign: centering the needs of students and educators toward a praxis of social justice.

We are providing educators with the proper tools to build classroom environments that value the humanity of all involved. Our goal is to create a space that breeds innovation through like-minded individuals who draw upon hundreds of years of history and countless research studies. Over the course of four days (and more, if needed), educators will learn at their own pace in an in-depth track on progressive education.

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2022: System Reboot


Our classes must unite toward experiences which foster hope and opportunity. We need students to drive their learning toward meaningful, creative opportunities to create a democratic, just, and purposeful society.


We must take the side of students in creating school environments that fight for student rights and affirm their inherent worth, voice, and community. As we transform school and society, we will reckon with and act on systemic injustice.


At a time where "learning loss!" is weaponized against students, schools, and teachers, we need to reframe the deficit lens of education toward one of hope and advocacy. Together, we can counteract the harmful practices of discipline, assessment, and authoritarianism in the classroom.


Listening and learning is central to progressive education. It is not possible to act on the needs of students and educators without taking the time to engage in conversation. Our collective mental and physical health is being tested, and now is the time to push for change.


This conference is designed from the ground up to best fit a virtual format. We recognize that the traditional conference format can be overwhelming, costly, and difficult to learn within.

FLIPPED KEYNOTES & Discussion (11AM ET | July 26-28)

We recognize that the Q&A session and ensuing discussion is often the most valuable part of the presentation. Each day, a keynote video (with a transcript) will be released on our conference platform. This prerecorded media will serve as an introduction to a participant-led community conversation on the following day with the keynote speaker.

Self-Paced TRACKS (OnGoing | July 25-28)

We want to provide you with as much time as possible to engage with the resources provided by contributing faculty members. Each learning track will offer a variety of ways to engage in their content, from interactive activities to discussion boards. All track resources (including those you didn't sign up for) will be made available after the conference (forever!)


A shift to virtual learning does not mean we lose human connection! This conference is meant to serve as a connector: providing a virtual space for people to network and learn from one another. Our learning space that allows you to consistently interact with others.

Day by Day

There's many ways to engage at Conference to Restore Humanity 2022! Almost all events take place during the day whenever works best for you. Even if you miss a day (or two), everything is recorded and shared.

Times displayed in EST.

Monday, JULY 25

  • Introduction and Overview of Conference
  • Begin chosen learning track
  • Video released of Dr. Henry Giroux's keynote


  • Feedback-First Education bonus track
  • 6PM: Progressive Education Panel Discussion with Josh Reppun, Brendan Christopher McCarthy, and Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau

Tuesday, July 26

  • 11-12PM: Dr. Henry Giroux Community Discussion
  • Continue learning track
  • Video released of Dr. Denisha Jones' keynote


  • Continue Feedback-First Education bonus track
  • 1PM: Expanding and Growing Progressive Education (Ungrading) w/ David Buck

Wednesday, JUly 27

  • 11-12PM: Dr. Denisha Jones Community Discussion
  • Continue learning track
  • Video released of Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers' keynote


  • Continue Feedback-First Education bonus track
  • 1PM: The Power of Narrative Mathematics w/ Sunil Singh

Thursday, July 28

  • 11-12PM: Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers Community Discussion
  • Finalize learning track


  • Continuing the Fight w/ Dr. Jennifer Berkshire
  • Share out learning + meet up!


Engage in conversation with leaders in the progressive and critical education space.

Dr. Henry Giroux

Dr. Henry GIroux

Dr. Giroux is a founding theorist of critical pedagogy, penning over seventy books spanning public pedagogy, youth studies, critical theory, and cultural studies such as Race, Politics, and Pandemic Pedagogy: Education in a Time of Crisis and Theory and Resistance in Education: Towards a Pedagogy for the Opposition. Giroux centers his work on connecting schools to be beacons of critical thinking, civic courage, and active citizenship. He challenges educators to be agents of change who fight for social justice inside and outside the classroom.

Dr. Denisha Jones

Dr. Denisha Jones

Dr. Jones is a public education advocate and activist. She is the Director of the Art of Teaching at Sarah Lawrence College and member of the national Black Lives Matter at School steering committee. She is the co-editor of Black Lives Matter at School: An Uprising for Educational Justice with Jesse Hagopian, which provides educators tools to overcome institutionalized racism and push forward for educational justice. Dr. Jones focuses her research on establishing cultural citizenship and using play as a tool for liberation.

Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers

Circle Keepers is a Youth led Restorative Justice Program abolishing the school-to-prison pipeline toward collective liberation. They are a group of high school students from Harvest Collegiate High School in NYC who will share stories of conflicts, how they react to them and move through them, committing to restorative practices from simple conflicts to complex issues like white supremacy, racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism. They believe that youth voice is integral not only for communication, accountability, and insight but most importantly, for achieving true justice for all.


Learn from teams of faculty who will guide you toward new radical thought in human-centered education. Each of these tracks are designed to connect you with like-minded thinkers for further collaboration, building into praxis in your classroom.

Disrupting Linguistic Discrimination: Language Justice for Children

To be hosted by Drs. Megan Figueroa and Carrie Gillon. Dr. Figueroa is a research scientist at Tweety Language Development Lab. Dr. Gillon is a Language Planner and Researcher. Together, they are co-hosts of The Vocal Fries podcast.

Linguistic discrimination is a widely accepted form of discrimination because it is built into our institutions and disguised as “common sense.” This course introduces participants to the various ways the educational system is set up to perpetuate the status quo of white linguistic hegemony and, ultimately, white supremacy. Participants will be better equipped to identify their own linguistic prejudices and how those prejudices show up in the classroom in dehumanizing ways.


To be hosted by Drs. Connie Wun, Sabina Vaught & Damien Sojoyner. Dr. Wun is the founder and executive director of AAPI Women Lead who leads projects on ending racial and gender-based violence. Dr. Vaught is a Professor and Chair at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education who focuses on carcerality and liberatory knowledge movements. Dr. Sojoyner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine who focuses on the relationship between public education, prisons, and the construction of Black masculinity.

This track will equip learners with understanding the relationship between the carceral network and schools, offering a framework and pedagogy for fighting back against prison-like practices in the classroom.

DIY AT THE EDGES: Surviving the Bipartisanship of Behaviorism by Rolling Our own

To be hosted by the Ryan Boren, Inna Boren, Kristina Daniele & Chelsea Adams of Stimpunks. Stimpunks combine "stimming" with "punks" to advocate for neurodiversity and push back against systems that restrict our humanity and harm our unique identities.

Behaviorism is dead. Despite that, Behaviorism won. And neurodivergent and disabled students lost. Behaviorism is everywhere. The All Means All of public education is made meaningless by the bipartisanship of behaviorism. The neurodiversity and disability rights movements well-understand the ubiquity of behaviorism, and its tremendous costs. This course fights against behaviorist practices in the classroom.


To be hosted by Drs. Tanu Biswas and John Wall. Dr. Biswas is Associate Professor in Pedagogy at University of Stavanger, and Dr. Wall is Professor of Philosophy and Childhood Studies at Rutgers University. Both lead Rutgers University’s Childism Institute.

This course introduces educators to the new theory of childism, or, akin to feminism and anti-racism, empowering children by critiquing and transforming adultist norms and structures. Participants will learn about research in childism and explore how it could apply to the radical rethinking of education and teaching.


This track is available to all participants courtesy of Floop, the feedback-driven learning tool.


To be hosted by Floop CEO Melanie Kong, with teammates Amanda McCarthy and Lindsay Frankenfeld. Floop helps students and teachers to be more effective learners at school, at home, and at work by building their lifelong feedback literacy. We improve the feedback loop with fast, reusable teacher feedback, guided peer review, and guided self-assessment. With the focus on grades in so many schools, feedback is often overlooked - even though it’s one of the most effective ways to learn, collaborate, and grow.

Teachers, administrators, and business leaders are looking for students and employees who have feedback skills. Develop your own feedback literacy, while also setting up systems to teach students essential college & career, social emotional learning, and higher order thinking skills through feedback.


What is Conference to Restore Humanity!?
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This annual, virtual conference is a call for educators to reimagine systems in their classrooms. Rather than presenting curriculum packages or tinkering around the edges, our goal is to provide a shift in pedagogy and underlying structures of typical school environments, allowing educators room to reimagine learning - no matter their context.

What does a ticket purchase? What does this fee support?
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Your registration gains you access to all three of our keynotes, as well as participation in one of the four asynchronous tracks, as well as the bonus track.All resources and materials created for the other three tracks will be provided to participants after the conference.

Your ticket supports attendance for those who otherwise would not be able to on their own. Further, it supports faculty members, keynote speakers, and conference platform management. We strongly believe in compensating our creators with competitive rates, and no one is presenting or producing content for "exposure."

What is the format of the conference? Why?
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We recognize that the traditional conference format does not work for everyone. It's expensive to attend, it's environmentally unfriendly, and it doesn't allow everyone to engage or have a seat in the learning community. This conference is designed to be virtual-first. As in, we're changing how the conference is run *knowing* that it is virtual. The event takes place over 4 days.

First, keynotes are flipped. Participants will be provided a ~30 minute keynote video to engage with in whatever way they wish. Then, on the following day (11AM ET), the entire hour block is reserved for discussion and Q&A. In our experience, the best part of any keynote is the Q&A session, making the connection between the speaker and the participants, and there's often not nearly enough time.

Keynote videos will be posted on the first, second, and third day; with discussions on the second, third, and fourth day at 11AM ET.

Second, the learning tracks (workshops) are self-paced. Sitting and staring at a screen for hours to engage in learning isn't healthy nor natural. Each day, participants will be provided resources, such as readings, discussion posts, and online interactables, which will be completed on your own time.

Self-paced track resources will be posted at the beginning of each day.

Throughout the conference, participants will be able to chat with each other via a text platform (Discord). In addition, video office hours will be offered for all tracks.

Read more about our philosophy of designing a different kind of conference.

How long is the conference?
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The conference takes place from July 25th to July 28th, 2022. Each track is expected to provide roughly 2 hours worth of content each day. In addition to the hour long discussion and 30 minute video keynote, we anticipate participants engaging with the conference 3 1/2 hours maximum each day.

That said, this conference is designed to engage at your own pace. Some learners may have less time and engage on an as-needed basis, recognizing that they will have these resources in the future. Others will take advantage of every possible opportunity, including our bonus track, and have many more hours of content to explore.

Will any of this information be shared for free?
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Keynote videos will be shared following the conference. Track faculty are free to share any resources that they create to their communities. Your ticket supports these experts as well as gains entry into the networking component of learning with like-minded people.

What technology is being used?
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The entire conference will use three platforms: 1) Discord, the online chat service similar to Slack for all asynchronous communication. 2) Our website, for posting track resources, meet-ups, and schedules. 3) Zoom, for keynote Q&As.

Who is welcome to attend?
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Although this event is aimed at K-12 and college educators, we welcome anyone interested in progressive education or social justice to attend. This is especially true for students, aspiring teachers, community members, and advocates.

When will I choose a track? Can I engage in multiple tracks?
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After registering, you will be able to choose one of the four offered tracks. If you change your mind, you will be able to contact us and modify your selection.

We want as much engagement as possible in these learning communities, and therefore are having participants only dedicate themselves to one track. This will ensure that everyone can develop connections in these courses. All other track resources will be shared following the event.

Will you continuing learning credits or certificates?
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Following the event, we will award a participant-specific signed certificate stating attendance at the event for 14 hours. We can personalize these certificates further upon request.

Can I obtain a refund?
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Full refunds are available through April 30th, 2022. No refunds are available after this date to ensure a successful event. Please contact us if you need a refund.

We recognize that in order to create a holistic environment that includes all perspectives, we must make an effort to include as many voices as possible.

If you are a member of the BIPOC, AAPI, Trans, or Disabled communities, please use the code "HUMAN" at checkout for a discounted rate.


Conference to Restore Humanity! is aimed at K-12 educators, college professors, administrators, and teacher leaders. Specifically, we focus on concepts that can be implemented in K-12 public spaces.

Your registration gains you access to a single track (and all keynotes), where you'll engage with like-minded cohort members to develop theory into action (praxis) on a deep concept in progressive education. We will provide a variety of spaces to engage with others to reimagine together in a virtual space.

Each recorded keynote is estimated at 30 minutes, with a 60 minute live conversation occurring the following day at 11AM ET. Tracks are "learn at your own pace" with a variety of materials offered to engage in many hours of learning. The majority of this content is asynchronous, yet designed to connect with others through group chats, collaborative activities, and office hours.

You will gain access to all conference tracks following the event.


Conference to Restore Humanity 2022! has concluded. See our resources page for further access to this conference.

Ticket confirmation will be sent to the provided email within 24 hours. If you placed an order for a small group, we will follow up to collect participant emails. If you are ordering for a large group, please contact us for a group rate.

Are you a member of the BIPOC, AAPI, Trans, and/or Disabled communities? If so, discounted rates are available. Please click here.

Attendance is limited to 300 paid attendees.

Follow Human Restoration Project for more information. Contact us with any questions, refunds, or inquiries about alternative payment options (such as invoices).

We recognize that in order to create a holistic environment that includes all perspectives, we must make an effort to include as many voices as possible.

If you are a member of the BIPOC, AAPI, Trans, or Disabled communities, please use the code "HUMAN" at checkout for a discounted rate.

Human Restoration Project is grateful for the following organizations sponsoring this event, allowing us to offer discounts for members of the BIPOC, AAPI, Trans, and/or Disabled communities. Interested in helping us host this event? Reach out!

We recognize that in order to create a holistic environment that includes all perspectives, we must make an effort to include as many voices as possible.

If you are a member of the BIPOC, AAPI, Trans, or Disabled communities, please use the code "HUMAN" at checkout for a discounted rate.