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July 22-25, 2024 • Virtual

build your joyful,
reimagined classroom

Learn from teachers, practitioners, and school leaders who are transforming their classrooms in unconventional ways, showcasing what's possible with engaging, human-centered learning. CTRH! 2024 is aimed at K-12 and college educators seeking to implement human-centered practices in their classroom. See our previous keynotes and track resources to learn more.


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This conference is designed from the ground up to best fit a virtual format.

Most online conferences are simply trying to replicate in-person conferences...and that doesn’t work! We’re doing things different.

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Conference to Restore Humanity! is an international invitation to engage in a human-centered system redesign: centering the needs of students and educators toward hands-on learning, purpose-finding, community action, and disrupting the status quo.

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We've identified educators doing transformative work around the world, and we're incredibly excited to showcase what's possible. On each day, we're highlighting public schools making a difference, sharing resources, and giving you the tools to reimagine what's possible.

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We recognize the most impactful part of any conference are being with the people in the room. Our conference is designed around this: keynotes are recorded and we center live, extensive Q&A sessions; classrooms are structured to engage at your own pace with peers. Every step of the way, we want people to connect with each other.

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Our goal is to create a community-driven space that breeds innovation. Long after the conference is over, you'll keep access to everything shared and our community. Reimagining education isn't a one-person job, and we can make waves together!


Watch pre-recorded keynotes to learn about innovative pedagogy, then attend a 1+ hour live Q&A session to dive deeper.

A headshot of Dr. Helen Immordino Yang.

Dr. mary Helen

Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang is a distinguished scholar specializing in the intersection of psychology, neurobiology, and education, focusing on social emotion, self-awareness, culture, and their impact on learning and development.

Her work includes a range of studies on adolescent brain development, SEL competencies, and mindsets, and she has authored Emotions, Learning and the Brain on the educational implications of affective neuroscience.

A headshot of Sawsan Jaber.

Dr. Sawsan Jaber

Dr. Sawsan Jaber, NBCT, is a global educator, speaker, and equity consultant. Currently, Dr. Jaber teaches high school English, leads the district’s Equity Committee, and serves as a Board Director for the Our Voice Alliance (OVA). She is the founder of Education Unfiltered Consulting, where she collaborates on projects such as strategic planning, designing social justice curricula tailored to individual school needs, and conducting anti-bias training.

Additionally, she established the Arab American Education Network and holds the position of an ISTE Community Leader.

A headshot of Carla Shalaby.

Dr. carla

Dr. Carla Shalaby is dedicated to education as a practice of freedom, focusing on critical pedagogy and literacy, democratic classroom management, and the role of teaching in social justice. She has held significant educational roles, including director positions at Brown University and Wellesley College, and began her career teaching in New Jersey.

Shalaby holds advanced degrees in education and is the author of Troublemakers: Lessons in Freedom from Young Children at School.

A team shot of Orchard View ILC with educators posing.

Orchard View Innovative Learning Center

The Orchard View Innovative Learning Center in Muskegon, MI is a 16+ adult education and high school completion center focused on learning by doing, self-directed education, empowering all learners, and community connections. These classes are free to the public and aim to improve adult learners’ education levels while enhancing access to employment, job training, and post-secondary education opportunities.

What people are saying

From Conference to Restore Humanity! 2023

This conference will change your life. It puts into perspective the things that people who care about students as human beings care about - you will find your people here if that’s what you care about. It is absolutely worth attending.

Raye W.

Elementary School Teacher

I was unprepared for how radically human, and connected, the conference is. The flipped
keynotes, and the trust to host them as a Zoom room instead of a webinar presentation format in particular struck me as radically inclusive and human.

Instructional Designer

I attend many conferences, and help to plan some myself, but the Conference to Restore Humanity! is by far the most valuable professional development I attend. At traditional conferences, the conversation usually ends when the conference does. At CTRH, the conversation just keeps going. There's so much power in this community.

Skylar Primm

Project- & Place-Based Educator

I really enjoyed this conference! Initially I was a little skeptical of the “flipped” format and the
use of Discord, which I was unfamiliar with - but it worked! ...Sometimes I feel like my
educational philosophy is vastly different than many of my coworkers, so it just felt good to be around educators who were more on the same page as me.


Middle School Teacher

If you are passionate about transforming our schools to meet 21st century learners where they are and to empower both teachers and students with autonomy and creativity, I highly recommend this conference. It has given me hope that together we CAN change our schools from toxic wastelands to flourishing communities of excited learners.

Tish J.

Professor of Education

The Conference to Restore Humanity! was a transformative experience for my educator soul. In a world where quick fixes and band-aids often dominate the education landscape, this conference stands out as a beacon of hope, offering a profound and genuine focus on students as humanity.

F. Scott

ELA Teacher & Department Chair

school tours

Each day, engage with students, educators, and school leaders implementing human-centered learning into their classrooms.

A teacher and student looking at a large interactive white board.


Perkiomen Valley SD | Collegeville, PA

The NOVA Lab is an "open source learning" course offered at Perkiomen High School. The course centers purpose-based learning, innovation, social entrepreneurship, and designing thinking, encouraging students to tackle real-world issues that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This work build into an ongoing social entrepreneurship project, where students lead their own learning toward "real world" impact.

A group of students looking at a project on the ground.

STEM Academy

Olentangy Local SD | Lewis Center, OH

Olentangy's STEM Academy (a public high school, half-day, alternative learning program) emphasizes education in critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity through hands-on, globally relevant activities. The curriculum integrates various disciplines, encouraging students to innovate, solve real-world problems, and conduct meaningful research. Learners also gain experience by working alongside professionals in diverse STEM fields., specializing in biomedical or engineering.

A student dissecting something in a school lab setting.

Community Lab School

Albemarle County Public Schools | Charlottesville, VA

The clearest model I have found for learner-centeredness that operates from our knowledge of effective practice in a way that serves both “The Students” and “THE student”.  -Carol Ann Tomlinson, Professor, University of Virginia

Community Lab School (6-12) specializes in promoting deeper learning by integrating interdisciplinary project-based learning. As more than just an educational institution, they function as a hub for pioneering innovative educational strategies for ACPS, while also aspiring to shape broader educational practices.

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Learning journeys offer a variety of ways to engage in meaningful content, from interactive activities to discussion boards. These interactive courses will take place live during the day, as well as through chats on Discord. All learning resources (including those not signed up for) will be made available after the conference (forever)!

A headshot of Trevor Aleo.

Navigation & Transformation: Interdisciplinary Inquiry Across Domains

Trevor Aleo, MAT

This journey will explore ways to invite students to engage in authentic and (inter)disciplinary intellectual work. The inquiry-based approaches detailed in this session will help you equip students with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind needed to be knowledge producers capable of communicating their ideas across a variety of mediums, modes, and forms.

When we invite students to become video essayists, documentarians, product designers, zine editors, etc. we go beyond content coverage and application—we teach student how to navigate different communicative contexts and transform the hearts and minds of others.

A headshot of Abeer Ramadan-Shinnawi.

Unveiling Injustice: Palestine, Global Social Justice, and the Final Stronghold of Imperialism

Abeer Ramadan-Shinnawi, MEd

This journey is a thought-provoking workshop designed to explore the complex dynamics of imperialism in the modern world, with a specific focus on Palestine. This session aims to shed light on the ongoing struggles for social justice, oppression, and sovereignty faced by Palestinians, highlighting the broader context of imperialism's brutal impact. Participants will engage with historical and contemporary perspectives, analyze the intersections of global power structures, and discuss strategies to advocate for equity and human rights.

Through interactive discussions, historical documents, case studies, and critical reflections, this workshop seeks to empower attendees with a deeper understanding of the challenges and resilience of the Palestinian people, including tools to implement in classrooms and the role of how international solidarity in combating imperialism's last bastion reflects the solidarity for global social justice.


Conference to Restore Humanity! is an online conference taking place on Zoom and Discord. Register below to join our mission to restore humanity to education.

July 22-25, 2024 • Virtual

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July 22

Welcome Event

Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang Q&A Discussion

Learning Journey Session (Separate Tracks)

Partnering to Change Schools for a Thriving World - Human Restoration Project

Community Lab School Virtual Tour

Dr. Sawsan Jaber Video Keynote Released


July 23

Dr. Sawsan Jaber Q&A Discussion

Learning Journey Session (Joined Tracks)

Event (TBA)

School Tour (TBA)

Dr. Carla Shalaby Video Keynote Released


July 24

Dr. Carla Shalaby Q&A Discussion

Learning Journey Session (Separate Tracks)

Designing for Student Agency in Scheduling - Vaughan Cleary (Assumpion College, Australia)

School Tour (TBA)

Orchard View ILC Video Keynote Released


July 25

Orchard View ILC Q&A Discussion

Learning Journey Session (Joined Tracks)

School Tour (TBA)

Closing Session


Reach out at any time. Please contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you.