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conference to restore humanity 2022!: system reboot

Conference to Restore Humanity! is an international invitation for K-12 and college educators to center the needs of students and educators toward a praxis of social justice. Featuring Dr. Henry Giroux, Dr. Denisha Jones, and tracks on disrupting discriminatory linguistics, ending carceral pedagogy, building for neurodiversity, and promoting childism, this conference aims to change systems and reimagine education.

Conference to Restore Humanity 2022! is currently in session. Stay tuned until after the conference for publicly available keynotes and information.

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Let's create radically human-centered classrooms.

Human Restoration Project (HRP) is a 501(c)3 aimed at transforming school systems. We incorporate progressive education as actions toward systemic change. Rather than tweaking around the edges, we must transform schools toward human-centered policies that promote well-being and learning.

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What is Progressive Education?

We want school systems to recognize the innate worth of every individual and their contribution to the community, where every individual is treated with respect and social justice is advocated for.


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change the system

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HRP centers its work on four values statements that focus on systemic change.

I. Learning is rooted in purpose finding and community relevance.

Map a Path to Purpose

Schedule for students to inquire and put their passions into practice.

Create Cross-Disciplinary Classrooms

Connect across all curriculum and de-emphasize hierarchies of knowledge.

Learn Experientially

Have an active stance in learning: learning while doing, not learning then doing.

Connect to the Community

Open to the rest of the world and flourish authentic audiences.

Promote Literacy

Promote reading for pleasure and provide ample opportunities for literacy.

II. Social justice is the cornerstone to educational success.

Support a Reflective Space

Incorporate ample reflection to communicate and express growth.

Authenticate Student Voice

Give up control and encourage voice to realize real change.

Demand Inclusive Spaces

Institute a critical and open dialogue that breaks down white supremacy.

Adopt Critical Pedagogy

Build a democratic education by sharing and supporting student power.

Utilize Restorative Justice

End zero-tolerance and build programs that embrace a caring, loving community.

III. Dehumanizing practices do not belong in schools.

Radically reduce homework.

Refuse to assign additional learning outside of the school day, beyond what students want to do.

Build strong relationships.

Develop authenticate relationships with students by providing space to share power and deeply listen.

Eliminate Grading

End grading practices which inherently rank and file students, and shift teaching to a place of judgment and demotivation.

Redefine Assessment and End Testing

End the practice of narrow-lens testing, and open up various ways of showcasing knowledge.

Reform Food Systems

Build open spaces which support healthy, farm-to-table lunches which students want to eat and support a healthy lifestyle.

IV. Learners are respectful toward each other’s innate human worth.

Self-Direct Learning

Provide space for students to guide their own learning based on purpose-finding and interests.

Support and Elevate Teachers

Give teachers power to build  their own PD, and provide proper supports (e.g. pay, benefits) to legitimize their position.

Stay Buzzword Free

Quit focusing on "fad" practices that standardize the classroom. Instead, build a pedagogy that involves students.

Cooperate, Don't Force Competition

Practice cooperative activities  which build a supportive space for all students.

Support Multi-Age Classrooms

Create spaces where students can learn from each other, both across school ages as well as multigenerational learning.