Human Restoration Project was founded in 2018 to assist everyday educators in radically changing education systems.


Nick Covington

Creative Director

Nick  teaches high school Social Studies in Ankeny, Iowa public schools, and promotes progressive education across the board in his classroom. Nick aims to reestablish the idea of what school could be to one of student-centered success that relies on their ideas and knowledge, instead of a dictated “future ready” curriculum.

Chris McNutt

Founder, Executive Director

Chris is obsessed with the benefits of progressive education and wants a practical place to find everything, for free, under one roof (hence the Human Restoration Project!) He holds a Masters Degree in Education from The Ohio State University and is a public high school digital media & design educator.

Naoya Okamoto

Development Assistant

Naoya is a college student in New York who's excited about creating schools that are truly driven by the needs of every student. He's especially interested in connecting students with       experiential learning experiences that help them develop the self-efficacy they need to impact their communities.

Thomas White

Development Director

Thomas  White is a high school English teacher, writer, and amateur gardener.  He lives in Austin with his wife, his son, and two Australian Shepherd  dogs. He writes about culture, policy, and school.

Board of Directors

Sunil Singh


Mr. Singh is a former mathematics and physics teacher, who has taught the basics to IB math in honors-level courses. From socioeconomically challenged environments in Toronto to the prestigious International School of Lausanne in Switzerland, Mr. Singh has become a leader in creative math education. He is an Adviser at Amplify and a Content Creator at Mathigon, and is author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics and Math Recess: Playful Learning in an Age of Disruption.

Julia Fliss


Ms. Fliss is a language arts educator at Evergreen Middle School in Evergreen, Colorado. Ms. Fliss is an active supporter of progressive education, and encourages the use and exploration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by connecting with educators around the world. She is incredibly passionate about supporting HRP’s message and finding ways to promote equitable, empowering environments.

Skylar Primm


Mr. Primm is a science educator at High Marq Environmental Charter School in Montello, Wisconsin, a small public charter school centered on interdisciplinary experiential learning with a focus on the environment. Mr. Primm is involved in his school’s governance council and serves as treasurer of the board for the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education. Further, Mr. Primm was one of the earliest and steadfast supporters of HRP.

Dr. Susan Engel


Dr. Engel is a professor of developmental psychology at Williams College, with a focus on curiosity, school reform, and educational research. Her many works include The Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood and The End of the Rainbow: How Educating for Happiness, Not Money, Would Transform Our Schools. Further, Dr. Engel is co-founder and educational advisor to the Hayground School in Bridgehampton, NY.

Bennett Jester

Student Representative

Mr. Jester is a high school student who is an advocate of progressive pedagogy, specifically gradeless learning, who is pursuing unschooling in his own educational career. Jester’s voice and perspective is imperative for us creating a truly multifaceted organization, and offers a student voice to all of our resources and endeavors.

John Warner


Dr. Warner is an English professor at the University of Charleston, the author of many works including So You Want to Be President? and The Funny Man, a weekly columnist for the Chicago Tribune, contributor to Inside Higher Ed. He has focused his recent work on writing pedagogy in Why They Can’t Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay and its companion work, The Writer’s Practice: Building Confidence in Your Nonfiction Writing.

Dr. Yong Zhao


Dr. Zhao is the Foundation Distinguished Professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas and advocate of self-directed, meaningful learning. Zhao is a well-established author and researcher that can help us navigate human-centered practice, including writing What Works May Hurt and An Education Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: How Radical Changes Can Spark Student Excitement and Success.

Emeritus Members

Sean Michael Morris

Mr. Morris is a Senior Instructor of Learning, Design, and Technology in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado at Denver, director of the Digital Pedagogy Lab, and former director of Hybrid Pedagogy. Morris is an expert on critical pedagogy, instructional design, digital learning, and social justice, and regularly presents and creates resources. Further, he is the co-author of An Urgency of Teachers.