Conference Collection

Discover a transformative collection of resources, videos, and learning tracks curated from Conference to Restore Humanity! held in 2022 and 2023. Immerse yourself in powerful keynotes from world-renowned visionaries, and access a wealth of knowledge and insights to empower positive change and inspire a better future for education.

All resources are available for free under a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike international license unless otherwise noted. Due to our wonderful supporters and sponsors, CTRH! is one of the only conferences that freely shares nearly all of its resources. Support us to keep this work free!


Conference to Restore Humanity! features keynote speakers who are visionary pioneers, change-makers, and educators pushing for change. Each keynote session contains a pre-recorded video address, followed by a live 1-hour Q&A.

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2023: Breaking the Doom-Loop

A Critical Reflection on Our Struggle for a More Just and Loving World

Dr. Antonia Darder

Q&A Session

Building Our Shared Humanity

José Luis Vilson

Q&A Session

Fighting for a Just Future

Iowa WTF

Q&A Session

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2022: System Reboot

Critical Pedagogy in a Time of Fascist Tyranny

Dr. Henry Giroux

Q&A Session

Freedom to Learn and the Freedom to Teach

Dr. Denisha Jones

Q&A Session

Restorative Practice Works

Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers

Q&A Session

Learning Tracks

These in-depth learning tracks provide educators with comprehensive insights and skills in pedagogy, teaching, and related fields, providing you the skills to embrace innovative practices and elevate their teaching methodologies. Each learning track contains a variety of activities, readings, and multi-media to be worked through as a self-paced course.

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2023: Breaking the Doom-Loop

A Green Education to Change the World

David Hill

Creating diverse STEM representation through environmental justice.

A New Perspective Using Game Design

Drs. Matthew Farber & Tracy Fullerton

Imagining what classrooms could be through the lens of gaming.

Rebellion by Design: Anti-Racism and UDL

Andratesha Fritzgerald

Combining social justice and a universal design for learning to design for everyone.

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2022: System Reboot

Childism in Education

Drs. Tanu Biswas & John Wall

Introduces the new theory of childism, empowering children by critiquing and transforming adultist norms and structures.

Building Anti-Carceral Practices

Drs. Damien Soyjoyner, Sabina Vaught, & Connie Wun

Dismantle the carceral network: the connection between school, prison, and society, offering strategies and systemic changes to reimagine for change.

DIY at the Edges: Disrupting Behaviorism in the Classroom


Advocate for neurodiversity and push back against systems that restrict our humanity and harm our unique identities.

Disrupting Discriminatory Linguistics

Drs. Carrie Gillon & Megan Figueroa

Understand the concept of linguistic discrimination and fight back against this dehumanizing practice in schools.


These events offer immersive experiences that delve into the realm of progressive pedagogy, fostering dynamic discussions and explorations of innovative teaching approaches.

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2023: Breaking the Doom-Loop

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2022: System Reboot


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