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Summit #3 with Sunil Singh
10-11AM EST, Sunday, September 22nd.

Virtual Video Discussion on Humanizing Mathematics Education


Event Rationale


Our biggest pet peeve in professional development is teaching educators a way we wouldn’t to our students. There’s no long-winded lectures here. Instead, we’re working in a small, close-knit cohort for changes you can actually utilize:

  • Our in-depth workshops are interactive. Every person has a valuable voice. We highly encourage webcams and/or microphones so everyone can help one another.

  • Our resources are human-centered and curtailed to our audience. We focus on motivation and a lifelong love of learning over test scores. We’ll provide research-backed resources that bolster your knowledge of progressive ed. and will help you reflect on improving your practice.

  • We do things differently. Outside of a few introductory activities, we’re tackling every situation in our cohort as a group. We’ll listen to situations, tackle objectives, and ensure that every educator leaves with personalized, sustainable tools and strategies.

The Human Restoration Project wants to make an accessible, equitable learning platform that not only preaches progressive education for students, but employs the same techniques with educators.
— Chris McNutt

We’re public school teachers who actively engage in progressive education.


Nick Covington teaches Social Studies in Ankeny, Iowa, and promotes progressive education across the board in his classroom. Nick aims to reestablish the idea of what school could be to one of student-centered success that relies on their ideas and knowledge, instead of a dictated “future ready” curriculum. Nick incorporates an economics portfolio of learning to intrinsically motivate students to learn. He shares this information in education conferences on Standards Based Grading and professional development.


Chris McNutt is obsessed with the benefits of progressive education and wants a practical place to find everything, for free, under one roof (hence the Human Restoration Project!) He actively speaks to others on their progressive journeys on his podcast, Things Fall Apart. Chris incorporates experiential learning, democratic thinking, and reflective critical pedagogy actively in the classroom. He holds a Masters Degree in Education from The Ohio State University and is a public high school digital media and design educator.