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Human Restoration Project is a 501(c)3 dedicated to research-backed progressive education, building systems that put students first through policy, practice, and social justice. We design our professional development to align with teachers of any grade or subject area.

We're former public school teachers and we understand that PD rarely feels worthwhile. Only 29% of teachers say they are satisfied with PD.

Our Human-Centered Schools process, detailed above, is aligned to graduate credit through Antioch University. Time and rates are flexible, usually lasting between 1-2 days on-site with students, then 1-2 workshops (half- or full-day, virtual or on-site) with educators.


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Our PD starts with student focus groups, establishing a framework for systems-based change. Here's an example.

teachers as creators

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Through a workshop model, educators make change through what we've learned from students & teacher action research.

systems-based change

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We create lasting solutions, supporting and guiding educators in their journey.


We offer tailored workshops that can be designed exactly to your needs. Here's what we specialize in:

  • Creating feedback-driven, purposeful classes through the process of ungrading, lessening the impact of grades and focusing on learning.
  • Building classrooms which center a path to purpose, fostering engagementand meaning
  • Understanding systems-based thinking, designing spaces to best engage and motivate students toward learning.
  • Examining the "hidden curriculum" leading to a loss of democratic citizenship and student voice.
  • ... and more! We provide services and partner with other awesome organizations to change systems centered on our values.


We specialize in examining systems to improve educational outcomes. We love to partner with schools for ongoing projects:

  • Enacting human-centered, progressive education in a whole school model.
  • Coaching principals, administrators, and support staff in progressive education.
  • Working with teacher and group cohorts to enact changes toward progressive education.


We speak at conferences and events around the world to advocate for a human-centered education. Here's what we've presented before:

  • 100 Seconds to Midnight: The Need for a Human-Centered Education
  • Systems Change at the Arcade: Systems-Based Thinking Through Video Game Design
  • A Grassroots Movement Toward Progressive Education
  • Creating Liberatory, Feedback-First Classrooms

Partner with Human Restoration Project

Want to reimagine education? Partner with Human Restoration Project to humanize classrooms and build spaces toward care and engagement.

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This organization has tapped into the original  “why” of many educators that is often lost or overshadowed by unfair or unrealistic expectations placed on our public schools.

I really enjoyed this PD, and truly hope you guys can continue working with our district. Thank you for being inspiring.


Your group has articulated these things that I instinctually know but have lost in all my PD/ College Board years of training.  I’m 25 years into this gig.  Glad I can reacquaint myself with what originally got my into teaching and finish my career ethically whole.

Thank you for allowing us to feel and express our frustration in changing our thinking.

A silver award for Nurturing Wellbeing and Purpose from QS Reimagine Education.