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What if we started by listening to students? That’s the question that lives at the heart of our professional development. At the core of every school are the students. So we’re building a platform for educators, administrators, and families to connect with young people, breaking barriers toward learning and building engaging practices.

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Join us in Learning from Video Games!

Saturday, November 19th - 12:00-1:00PM ET

Join Human Restoration Project (Nick Covington & Chris McNutt) as we talk about game design as classroom design. Rather than tacking on gamification to existing classroom practices, we examine how the actual systems of video games have direct applicability to planning our courses. Session will be held via Discord (instructions sent in invite!)

In this session with extensive Q&A, we’ll walk through...

  • Understanding systems-based thinking with video games
  • Intentionally planning for emotion and valence
  • Designing elegant mechanics for the classroom
  • Interactive activities for learning & professional development
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Read our PD overview.

Want an in-depth look at our work? Click here to learn all about Human Restoration Project and the work we do in schools.

Nick Covington (left) and Chris McNutt (right) on a lake beach!
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This organization has tapped into the original  “why” of many educators that is often lost or overshadowed by unfair or unrealistic expectations placed on our public schools.

I really enjoyed this PD, and truly hope you guys can continue working with our district. Thank you for being inspiring.

Your group has articulated these things that I instinctually know but have lost in all my PD/ College Board years of training.  I’m 25 years into this gig.  Glad I can reacquaint myself with what originally got me into teaching and finish my career ethically whole.

Since sharing the HRP with members of our staff, we've seen an increase in interest to explore topics such as ungrading, project-based learning, and creating equitable learning environments. Being a district that serves over 75% Title I eligible learners, these topics are incredible important for us to consider, and the HRP provides an onramp to consider the implications of the choices we make with or for our learners. Just last week, I shared the ungrading links with our Elementary School Improvement team, who asked to explore grading practices. Having the research put together in accessible ways, and high-quality podcasts available to extend learning are invaluable for our growth as a district.

My whole life I've felt alone, caring about children and providing education that is exciting for children. Even as a child I was disappointed that other children didnt love school, but as i got higher in grades I realized why, school work got more repetitive and less immersive. HRP has shown me that there are many educators out there who also care about all children and want them to learn and grow, not just as "productive workers" but as critically thinking curious excited creators and caretakers. HRP empowers me to fight for children's rights.

Human Restoration Project is doing some incredible work advocating for progressive education practices and giving educators the information and tools they need to do their own advocacy work on behalf of themselves and their students. The organization provides a wealth of excellent materials that empower us to ask the question "what if we did better?"

1. learn from young people

3. make change

An image of a cartoon vector woman sitting on a chair on a laptop, the words "Human Restoration Project" are above her. To the right are various HRP resources including people talking on a virtual call, posters, and podcasts.

Through a workshop model, educators make change through what we've learned. Educators are tasked with teacher action research: making a difference based on what we've learned together. We create lasting solutions, supporting and guiding educators in their journey. Our Human-Centered Schools process is aligned to graduate credit through Antioch University.

Human-Centered Schools Network time and rates are flexible, usually lasting between 1-2 days on-site with students, then 1-2 workshops (half- or full-day, virtual or on-site) with educators.

We’re former public school teachers and we understand that PD rarely feels worthwhile: only 29% of teachers say they are satisfied with their PD. We believe that the research-driven interactive, discussion-based model we are passionate about in our classrooms should also be how we learn with adults.

Together we create PD that...:

We also offer...


We offer tailored workshops that can be designed exactly to your needs. Here's what we specialize in:

  • Creating feedback-driven, purposeful classes through the process of ungrading, lessening the impact of grades and focusing on learning.
  • Building classrooms which center a path to purpose, fostering engagementand meaning
  • Understanding systems-based thinking, designing spaces to best engage and motivate students toward learning.
  • Examining the "hidden curriculum" leading to a loss of democratic citizenship and student voice.
  • ... and more! We provide services and partner with other awesome organizations to change systems centered on our values.


We specialize in examining systems to improve educational outcomes. We love to partner with schools for ongoing projects:

  • Enacting human-centered, progressive education in a whole school model.
  • Coaching principals, administrators, and support staff in progressive education.
  • Working with teacher and group cohorts to enact changes toward progressive education.


We speak at conferences and events around the world to advocate for a human-centered education. Here's what we've presented before:

  • 100 Seconds to Midnight: The Need for a Human-Centered Education
  • Systems Change at the Arcade: Systems-Based Thinking Through Video Game Design
  • A Grassroots Movement Toward Progressive Education
  • Creating Liberatory, Feedback-First Classrooms

Partner with Human Restoration Project

Want to reimagine education? Partner with Human Restoration Project to humanize classrooms and build spaces toward care and engagement.

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A silver award for Nurturing Wellbeing and Purpose from QS Reimagine Education.