Social Justice, Gender Identity, and Liberatory Pedagogy w/ sj Miller

May 9, 2020
Attaching social justice and systems-based thinking to LGTBQIA+ advocacy.

Today I am joined by Dr. sj Miller, an associate professor of teacher education at Sante Fe Community College. sj is an expert on social justice and challenges the gender and gender identity binary (e.g. trans*+, gender dynamic/fluid youth.) sj is an award-winning and well-published author, including writing for The International Journal of Transgenderism, International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, and the Teachers College Record. You can view sj's speech on gender identities and young people via TEDMED.

In this podcast, we talk about how schools can best serve nonconforming gender identities, how classrooms can be liberated for social justice, and the mistakes we make in professional development and addressing the complex topic of gender in schools.


Dr. sj Miller, associate professor of teacher education, expert on gender identity justice and social justice, and published author/researcher.


sj Miller’s recently published book, about Gender Identity Justice in Schools and Communities

sj Miller’s website

sj Miller’s TEDMED talk: “Why gender identity justice matters for everyone”

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Documentary: Gender | The Space Between

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