More Teaching, Less Testing Act w/ Congressman Jamaal Bowman

October 28, 2023
We talk with former teacher and principal, school founder, and EdD, Congressman Jamaal Bowman, about the More Teaching, Less Testing Act

Chris sits down with Congressman Jamaal Bowman to talk about Bowman's More Teaching, Less Testing Act. The More Teaching, Less Testing Act aims to address the issue of over-testing in schools and shift the focus towards more meaningful and holistic learning experiences. The legislation is a response to decades of advocacy from educators and families, seeking to align education with lifelong learning rather than standardized testing.


Serving New York's 16th district since 2021. Bowman was a crisis management teacher in an elementary school in the Bronx, who eventually founded his own public school, the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action, a middle school in Eastchester. For years he maintained a blog on changing school policy and standardized testing, with a focus on being deeply involved in the opt-out movement to encourage families to not take the tests, as well as centering pedagogy on social emotional health and restorative justice.


More Teaching, Less Testing Act Bill Summary

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