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What if we started by listening?



A transcription software.

We start with student empathy interviews (focus groups). We speak with multiple groups of young people to learn about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, connecting each to school. We learn about what students love and wish could be improved.



Two pages of an analysis document.

With tools from our partners at Cortico/Fora, we effectively transcribe, theme, and analyze our results. These are presented in a school analysis document, suggesting next steps for planning and action.


take action

A series of PD workbooks next to the text "Human Restoration Project.

Optionally, schools can partner with Human Restoration Project to create change through what they've learned. HRP partners to create lasting, sustainable solutions through PD and teacher action research.

Do it yourself!

To ensure everyone has access to awesome tools, we offer our entire protocol for free. We see value in partnering with us as a third party, but recognize that starting small within your school/district is often a tangible first step.



A page with various fillable fields.A page with various fillable fields.

Download our fillable empathy interview protocol and response sheet. These documents outline the questions we ask focus groups, with space for many open-ended questions tailored to your school's initiatives/objectives, as well as how we create safe listening environments.



Soon, we will make available a guide for theming and analyzing the transcript you've created. Check back later!


take action

Based on the conversations you've conducted, see our website for various actions toward systemic change. A great place to start are our free resources!

Learn more about how we work with schools.

All full time staff members at HRP are former public school employees.
Download our professional learning overview. We'd love to connect with you and talk more!

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and check out our other work...


We offer tailored workshops that can be designed exactly to your needs. Here's what we specialize in:

  • Creating feedback-driven, purposeful classes through the process of ungrading, lessening the impact of grades and focusing on learning.
  • Building classrooms which center a path to purpose, fostering engagement and meaning
  • Understanding systems-based thinking, designing spaces to best engage and motivate students toward learning.
  • Engaging in critical media analysis, recognizing the impact of AI and other technology advancements in teaching/learning.
  • ... and more! We provide services and partner with other awesome organizations to change systems centered on our values.


We specialize in examining systems to improve educational outcomes. We love to partner with schools for ongoing projects:

  • Enacting human-centered, progressive education in a "school within a school" or whole school model.
  • Coaching principals, administrators, and support staff in progressive education.
  • Working with teacher and group cohorts to enact changes toward progressive education.


We speak at conferences and events around the world to advocate for a human-centered education. Here's what we've presented before:

  • 100 Seconds to Midnight: The Need for a Human-Centered Education
  • Systems Change at the Arcade: Systems-Based Thinking Through Video Game Design
  • Creating Liberatory, Feedback-First Classrooms (even in a virtual setting!)

Plus, we are pleased to partner with experts on specific projects:

A headshot of Sunil Singh

Sunil Singh

Humanizing Mathematics

Mathematics is filled with awe, magic, and wonder. So, why don’t we teach it that way? That’s primarily because our own experience with mathematics was benign at best. Sadly, as such, we are not surprised that the journey of many of our students will invariably end with math anxiety. The problem is that boredom/alienation are the precursors to math anxiety. Our students need to see mathematics as an interdisciplinary subject that is alive with stories and achievements that cross into art, science, literature, and music. This can only be accomplished if the mathematics content is of the highest quality, engaging the curiosity of all students–regardless of past experiences or preconceptions about the subject. Humanizing mathematics as an adventure that has transcended all cultures, races, and civilizations is the lasting goal.


  • Building Human-Centered Mathematical Content
  • Incorporating Storytelling/Math History
  • Teaching and Learning Mathematics as an Interdisciplinary Study
  • The 5 Pillars of Mathematical Fluency: factual, procedural, conceptual, historical, and contemporary
  • Philosophy of “Stages of Learning” (Alfred North Whitehead)- Romance, Precision, and Generalization

Sunil understands that math, as we know it in schools, with its emphasis on standardization and certainty, has engendered anxiety, antipathy, and boredom. He does not shy away from this reality. He embraces and honors the lived experience of educators and he helps them to turn the page and start a new chapter in their learning. Sunil works alongside educators, immersing them in math content that is carefully curated to fill them with wonder, joy, and curiosity. As a school leader, working with Sunil has been the best professional development I have ever personally experienced or had the opportunity to share with my staff. Sunil insists on dialogue, engagement, and reflection. He does not present staff with the mirage of easy solutions. Instead, he gets lost with them in rich content and encourages questions. Each session with Sunil becomes a shared story, a unique ‘snowflake’ like moment that he creates with the participants. Sunil models what professional development and learning should look like – an opportunity to play, explore, and share. In doing so, he humanizes math and conjures the vision of what it might be in our schools – a subject of beauty and endless complexities set against the backdrop of an extraordinary tapestry of cultures, personalities and human history.

Sunil Singh was a math, science, physics, and English teacher for 19 years, teaching in various high schools, ranging from the most socio-economically challenged one in Toronto to an International IB School in Switzerland. He left teaching in 2013 to embark on a new journey for himself that would intersect a completely new world to him–the history of mathematics.

He is the author of three books, Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics, Math Recess: Playful Learning in an Age of Disruption, and Chasing Rabbits: A Curious Guide to a Lifetime of Mathematical Wellness.

His fourth book is called Sonic Seducer: Lust for Life With The Transcending Moments, Memories, and Magic of Rock and Roll. It will be out in 2024.

His work centers exclusively around the importance of storytelling/narrative/history in mathematics. He has given keynotes on those topics at math conferences all over North America. As well, he has given dozens of workshops on the importance of curiosity and play, weaving in rich mathematics with our natural awe and wonder. Some of the places include The Museum of Mathematics in New York City and The Fields Institute at The University of Toronto.

He is an international speaker who has given webinars in South Africa and the UK, and was invited by The United States National Commision on Mathematics Instruction in 2021 to give a presentation on Culturally Responsive Mathematics.Suj

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A headshot of Vaughan Cleary.

Vaughan Cleary

Rethinking Scheduling

Vaughan Cleary is an innovative Australian educator renowned for his forward-thinking approach to school organization and curriculum design. His work primarily revolves around reimagining how educational environments structure their schedules, learning units, and master schedules to better cater to diverse student needs. Vaughan advocates for a flexible educational framework that supports multi-age learning, promotes student autonomy, and encourages choice and self-direction. His concepts are designed to break away from traditional educational molds, fostering an environment where interdisciplinary learning thrives and students are empowered to pursue their interests and strengths.


  • Revamp Scheduling Systems
  • Foster Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Enhance Student Autonomy and Engagement
  • Customize Learning Environments

Vaughan Cleary is an inspiring learning leader and Deputy School Principal who brings over 25 years of experience to his role. He has held a variety of senior positions within Melbourne’s leading Catholic schools and the wider community. His educational background includes extensive postgraduate qualifications in Leadership and Educational Assessment. Vaughan has championed initiatives that promote collaboration, professional development, formative feedback, and curriculum reform. These initiatives have successfully delivered personalized learning programs that enhance engagement, autonomy, and mastery through meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

Vaughan is highly motivated, hardworking, and enthusiastic, possessing well-developed communication and interpersonal skills. He is adept at mentoring colleagues, fostering efficacy and leadership skills, engaging students, and communicating effectively with families. His efforts continuously contribute to the development of a faith-based learning community within the schools and the broader community.

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In our PD with the Human Restoration Project, HRP used their "out of the box" thinking to develop processes that our cohort can use.  It was not a PD of just theory but was all about putting theory into a usable package.Natasha, MS Teacher

This is a group who is committed to improving the world of education by focusing on and listening to students.
MS Teacher

Your group has articulated these things that I instinctually know but have lost in all my PD/ College Board years of training.  I’m 25 years into this gig.  Glad I can reacquaint myself with what originally got me into teaching and finish my career ethically whole.
Kristin, HS Teacher

Since sharing the HRP with members of our staff, we've seen an increase in interest to explore topics such as ungrading, project-based learning, and creating equitable learning environments. Being a district that serves over 75% Title I eligible learners, these topics are incredible important for us to consider, and the HRP provides an onramp to consider the implications of the choices we make with or for our learners. Just last week, I shared the ungrading links with our Elementary School Improvement team, who asked to explore grading practices. Having the research put together in accessible ways, and high-quality podcasts available to extend learning are invaluable for our growth as a district.
Simeon, Superintendent

My whole life I've felt alone, caring about children and providing education that is exciting for children. Even as a child I was disappointed that other children didn't love school, but as i got higher in grades I realized why, school work got more repetitive and less immersive. HRP has shown me that there are many educators out there who also care about all children and want them to learn and grow, not just as "productive workers" but as critically thinking curious excited creators and caretakers. HRP empowers me to fight for children's rights.

Human Restoration Project is doing some incredible work advocating for progressive education practices and giving educators the information and tools they need to do their own advocacy work on behalf of themselves and their students. The organization provides a wealth of excellent materials that empower us to ask the question "what if we did better?"

HS Teacher

Human Restoration Project helped me gain a deeper perspective of the benefits and drawbacks of AI in Education. I feel like I have walked away with many useful ways I can implement AI to benefit my students' learning.
Kristina, MS Teacher

Human Restoration Project helped us refine our vision, but more importantly, they gave us the tools and the research to do it right! Our students will benefit greatly from this work!
Josh, MS Principal

Partner with Human Restoration Project

Want to reimagine education? Partner with Human Restoration Project to humanize classrooms and build spaces toward care and engagement.

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