June 2023 Newsletter

Chris McNutt
June 1, 2023
Updates from Human Restoration Project for June 2023!

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Conference to Restore Humanity! 2023: Breaking the Doom-Loop

Our line-up is complete!

We need reimagined schools and public education now more than ever. Imagining a better future isn’t naivety, it’s essential for a thriving  world. We must preserve in the face of everything a positive outlook  toward organizing, surviving, and building anew – or risk becoming  stagnant. Individual actions snowball and propagate through systems, and each act of service, each push-back, each classroom decision can fundamentally build a better future. It’s up to us to make that tomorrow a reality.

Early bird pricing ends soon!

Join us July 24-27th to break the doom loop! Learn more and register.

Release: Interdisciplinary Subject (Phase 1)

Three pages of our IDS (see attached link).

The interdisciplinary subject is a series of lessons, activities, and projects that aim to combine all typical school subjects into one holistic view of education. Our draft curriculum, in partnership with ongoing grant-funding from Holistic Think Tank, provides teachers with actionable steps toward making change. Access the free curriculum!

Video: AI Stereotypes and Critical Reflections: Who's Being Generated?

This overview of generative image software, such as Midjourney and DALL-E, helps us understand the implicit and explicit biases that AI software can have. After all, this software is *programmed by humans* and reflects systemic injustices across society.

Video: Combating the “Manosphere” in the Classroom w/ MANTRaP

Our recorded session with MANTRaP explores the dangers of the "manosphere", its influence on young people, and how educators/families can fight back.


Podcast: From Colonial to Solarpunk Education w/ Andrewism: What does solarpunk offer as an alternative future to strive for? Check out our interview with YouTuber and solarpunk expert Andrewism.

You've Been Played: The Pros & Pitfalls of Gamification w/ Adrian Hon: This episode is a panel discussion we had with game designer & author, Adrian Hon, on the pros and pitfalls of “gamification” as part of our EduFuturism Learning Series.

And more...

Writing: The Future is Us, Today: Andrew Franson reminds us we must stand in solidarity with educators and fight for reform in our education system as much as we can.

Writing: More Human Than a Ladder or Pyramid: Psychology, Behaviorism, and Better Schools: Schools have interpreted psychology through industry’s *interpretation* of psychology: teachers must understand that teaching is dominated by entrepreneurial mindsets that are in dated pedagogy and problematic strategies.

Let's restore humanity to education, together.

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Chris McNutt
Chris McNutt is the co-founder and executive director of Human Restoration Project, a nonprofit organization focused on student engagement, well-being, and motivation. His work centers on realizing systems-based change, examining how progressive pedagogical shifts (e.g. PBL, ungrading) reimagine school to best suit the needs of students and teachers alike. He was a public high school digital media & design educator who focused on experiential learning, portfolio-driven assessment, and community involvement.
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