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Not long after I joined Twitter in October 2019, I discovered Human Restoration Project and immediately became a supporter. HRP is an organization that advocates for radical, yet, necessary public education reform aimed at creating authentic, engaging, and creative education for students that focuses on developing their infinite potential….As a veteran public educator and college instructor of 25 years with expertise in Special Education, I wholeheartedly endorse this organization. I hope you will join me in supporting the continuation and expansion of HRP by becoming a monthly supporter.  Our children are worth it, and our future depends upon it.
Traci Nicole Smith: College Educator
Teaching is a wonderful profession that can be very isolating. I am so grateful to Human Restoration Project for showing me I'm not alone in believing that we can do much better for students. They have done an outstanding job curating resources that call attention to the problems we face and offer concrete examples of solutions to these problems.
Tim Fawkes: High School Music Educator
Since sharing the HRP with members of our staff, we've seen an increase in interest to explore topics such as ungrading, project-based learning, and creating equitable learning environments. Being a district that serves over 75% Title I eligible learners, these topics are incredible important for us to consider, and the HRP provides an onramp to consider the implications of the choices we make with or for our learners. Just last week, I shared the ungrading links with our Elementary School Improvement team, who asked to explore grading practices. Having the research put together in accessible ways, and high-quality podcasts available to extend learning are invaluable for our growth as a district.
Simeon Frang: Assistant Superintendent