Building the Modern Progressive Education Movement w/ David Buck

May 14, 2022
How we can use new digital spaces (Twitch, Discord) to unite educators.

On today’s podcast we are joined by David Buck. David is an English professor at Howard Community College in Maryland who is actively involved in the ungrading movement, as well as focusing on open access resources, open pedagogy, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To foster and grow the practice of ungrading, David is actively involved in utilizing social and other online media for discussion, including but not limited to his “Let’s Talk Ungrading” Twitter Spaces, which is also an edited podcast, the Ungrading Twitter Community, the Ungrading Book Club, the Ungrading Discord Community, and “Crowdsourcing Ungrading” an open-access book on Pressbooks.

We talk about:


David Buck, English professor at Howard Community College and mass-curator and co-leader of various ungrading spaces


#Ungrading: A Digital Ethnography (Dissertation by Christina Moore)

David Buck's Twitter (and location for Twitter Spaces)

Crowdsourced Ungrading Pressbook

David Buck's Sutori Student Blogs

Ungrading HUB (Discord)

Human Restoration Project (Discord)

A YouTube icon.

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