Americanization or Autonomy: The Dilemma of Puerto Rico's Educational Agenda w/ Prof. Jenaro Abraham

March 16, 2024
Professor Jenaro Abraham explores Puerto Rico's education system, revealing its ties to US influence and the island's pursuit of autonomy.

Join us as we delve into the historical and current relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico, focusing on the island's education system and its role in shaping Puerto Rico's future. Professor Jenaro Abraham shares his expertise on social movements, politics, and education in the Caribbean, offering key insights into Puerto Rico's quest for self-determination. From the legacy of colonialism to the prospects of statehood versus independence, this conversation explores the complexities of Puerto Rico's identity and its educational landscape.


Professor Abraham specializes in researching social movements, politics, and insurgencies in Latin America and the Caribbean, alongside analyzing US foreign policy's historical effects on human security, development, and peace.

His extensive fieldwork in Colombia informs his ongoing research in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Additionally, he contributes to studies on social movement integration, labor and social welfare policies, the Venezuelan migration crisis, and mental health policies in the region.

Beyond research, Professor Abraham coordinates a Colombian Peace Building Initiative, collaborates with advocacy groups for Puerto Ricans and immigrants, and serves as vice president of the Puerto Rican Independence Party in the Diaspora.


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