How do Americans really feel about controversial topics in school? w/ Anna Saavedra and Morgan Polikoff

April 20, 2024
Researchers Anna Saavedra & Morgan Polikoff reveal findings from their survey on American attitudes toward contentious topics

In this episode, Anna Saavedra and Morgan Polikoff explore the polarizing landscape of modern education found in their February 2024 report, "Searching for Common Ground.” The report reveals widespread support for public schools alongside significant partisan divides, particularly on topics like LGBTQ identities and racial inequality. From bipartisan consensus on some issues to stark disparities on others, this discussion highlights the complexities of education policymaking and the need for informed dialogue to navigate contentious topics and shape a more equitable future for education.


Dr. Anna Rosefsky Saavedra, an experienced education researcher, specializes in teaching, learning, and civics education. As Co-Director of USC CARE and Director of Research for USC EdPolicy Hub, she leads projects like the Understanding America Study. Her impactful work includes transforming AP courses to be more project-based, reflecting her commitment to innovative education practices. With a background in educational program management and high school teaching, she holds degrees from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Morgan Polikoff is a professor of education at USC Rossier. His areas of expertise include K-12 education policy; curriculum, standards, accountability, and assessment policy; survey research methods; and the impact of COVID-19 on American families' educational experiences.


How Americans really feel about the teaching of controversial topics in schools @ USC Today

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