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Human Restoration Project CC-BY-SA

April 2024

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What if we started by listening? Our empathy interview protocol outlines the questions we ask focus groups in our school PD, with space for many open-ended questions tailored to your school's initiatives/objectives, as well as how we create safe listening environments.

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In all of Human Restoration Project's professional development, we start with student empathy interviews (focus groups). We speak with multiple groups of young people to learn about their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, connecting each to school. This process is aimed at school/district strategic planning, improving classroom environments, informing next steps for professional learning, and more. This resource contains all the resources you'd need to run these empathy interviews yourself!

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educator notes

Our empathy interview process is a ~30-90 minute conversation with young people, usually in small groups, aimed at learning more about our community and learning goals. It is intentionally broad, proactive, and positive in scope, aimed at identifying key themes that can be further investigated over time. Our resource collection contains:

  • A conversation protocol that outlines setup, conversation norming, and questions asked
  • Fillable focus group response sheets that can be used to guide the conversation
  • An overview of our theming and analysis process (coming soon)

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