August 2023 Newsletter

Chris McNutt
August 1, 2023
Updates for August 2023 at HRP!

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Conference to Restore Humanity! 2023: Breaking the Doom-Loop Wrap-Up

An image showcasing slides from various scenes at CTRH! 2023, including Dr. Antonia Darder, Cornelius Minor, Jose Luis Vilson, and Iowa WTF.
An image showcasing slides from various scenes at CTRH! 2023, including Dr. Antonia Darder, Cornelius Minor, Jose Luis Vilson, and Iowa WTF.

With the glow of CTRH! 2023 in the rear view, we have multiple keynotes, community Q&As, and over a dozen other events to release in the next month, made freely available to a public audience as a result of paid conference attendance, our incredible sponsors, and the Creative Commons ethos: "When we share, everyone wins!"

Keynotes & Q&As will drop on Saturdays, other events will be released on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday until we run out. Look for updates on track resources & materials on Discord and a (soon to be created) public conference hub page. We hope you'll find something that you can connect to and share with your colleagues along the way.

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Welcome our new board president!

We are honored to welcome Hedreich Nichols as our new board president at Human Restoration Project.

Hedreich Nichols is a dynamic figure in education, excelling as a speaker, adult educator, and tech integration specialist. Her expertise lies in guiding educators to create student-driven learning environments, and she is renowned for her impactful workshops and courses on teacher efficacy and cultural literacy, benefiting districts globally. Additionally, Hedreich's book, Finding Your Blind Spots: 8 Guiding Principles to Overcome Implicit Bias in Teaching, has garnered acclaim, combining her experiences with academic research to empower teachers and leaders in supporting diverse and interconnected students.


Podcast: Telling Powerful Stories of Learning w/ Aaron Schorn (Unrulr): Unrulr is a storytelling tool to showcase learning. It allows young people and educators to take photos or videos of what they’re doing, tag it according to a value, standard, or objective, then share it online privately or publicly.

Watch us live on Silver Lining for Learning!: Join Chris & Nick on Silver Lining for Learning with Chris Dede, Curt Bonk, Punya Mishra & Yong Zhao, live on YouTube! We'll be on at 12PM ET on Saturday, August 5th.

And more...

Writing: Why I Need To Leave Math Education: Sunil Singh reflects on his pillars of learning that have shaped his mathematical career, and why things need to change.

Let's restore humanity to education, together.

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Chris McNutt
Chris McNutt is the co-founder and executive director of Human Restoration Project, a nonprofit organization focused on student engagement, well-being, and motivation. His work centers on realizing systems-based change, examining how progressive pedagogical shifts (e.g. PBL, ungrading) reimagine school to best suit the needs of students and teachers alike. He was a public high school digital media & design educator who focused on experiential learning, portfolio-driven assessment, and community involvement.
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