Essay: A Progressive Response to “Ed. Reform's Lost Decade"

August 14, 2021
A narrative on why test score data isn't as obvious as it appears.

Long time listeners may recognize the title to this podcast: Re:Teaching. Last year, Nick released a series of short podcasts on a separate channel, focused on current events and short-form highlights of writing. We soon realized that by splitting our podcast into two segments, most folks didn't hear any of this series! Therefore, after much delay - and many reminders by Nick - we'll be releasing Re:Teaching over the next few weeks on this channel. Enjoy, and there will be even more new Re:Teaching episodes on the way.

This episode is a feature read of A Progressive Response to “Ed. Reform’s Lost Decade” by Nick Covington, published in January 2020. Learn more about Human Restoration Project and find a wealth of free resources to create human-centered classrooms at, and follow us on social media, @HumResPro.


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A Progressive Response to “Ed. Reform’s Lost Decade" by Nick Covington

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