Modeling Restorative Justice by the Harvest Collegiate High School Circle Keepers – Discussion Guide

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The Harvest Collegiate High School Circle Keepers are a Youth led Restorative Justice Program abolishing the school-to-prison pipeline toward collective liberation.

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In this keynote, you’ll see how they react to conflicts and move through them, committing to restorative practices from simple conflicts to complex issues like white supremacy, racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism. If you want to know what praxis actually looks like, here it is. Within this keynote, you’ll see the powerful work that youth can do together. And, you’ll see just how difficult this work is as young people work many additional hours each week to ensure everyone can thrive.

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This discussion guide is meant to guide teacher professional development, but may be modified for classroom use - especially in the humanities.

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Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers - Transformative Justice


Student Interviews: What is Restorative Justice? -> What is a Fairness?

How does a fairness work? Why would it be an important part of the restorative process?

Mock Fairness for Cutting Class

How does the fairness play out? What surprises you? What do you wonder?

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Why Do We Do This Work?

If you were to ask a question of the Circle Keepers, what would you ask? What do you think their answer may be?

Impact of Gossip Restorative Justice Circle

What is a restorative circle? How could this be incorporated into an individual classroom? What resources would you need?

Difference Between Restorative and Punitive Justice -> Mentorship Meets Mediation

How can restorative justice leaders help cultivate a culture of restorative justice more generally?

How Does RJ Compare to Western Criminal Justice?

What are the ways in which typical discipline doesn’t work? How does this connect with Western Criminal Justice? Why do we need to make a change?

Navajo Justice Concepts

Why would understanding the connection of restorative justice to Navajo Justice systems matter?

Addressing the Impact of Homophobia

How could one facilitate discussions like these at their school? What training would one need to be successful? How could one get started?

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Advice for Starting RJ in School

In the event that a full school program isn’t ready yet, how could you start implementing restorative justice at the classroom level?




Keynote Q&A - Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers

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