Child Liberation Theology w/ R.L. Stollar

March 27, 2022
Defending the rights of homeschooling while advocating for childrens' rights.

*This podcast contains content regarding suicide and child abuse.

In this podcast we are joined by R.L. Stollar, a Child Liberation Theologian and child and survivor advocate. Stollar is the author of the upcoming book, The Kingdom of Children, which reports on the issues and concerns of the evangelical homeschooling movement. Stollar, who was himself homeschooled, is an advocate of homeschooling who is calling attention to the issues that many face in the system, connecting the concept to faith — which is often juxtaposed with the practice of homeschooling. His work in Child Liberation Theology, which you’ll hear about shortly, centers the idea of young people being leaders in their faith-based decisions.

This is an interesting topic, because it blends ideas that aren’t commonplace in progressive education. Although I am personally not religious, there are fascinating connections between a faith-based education, self-directed learning, critical pedagogy, and more that we’ll explore in this podcast.

As a side note, this podcast also features Thomas White. Thomas is our prior development director who accepted a new position after this podcast aired. Essentially, Thomas did his job so well with us that he accepted a full-time position doing development work, leading to a conflict of interest with his current part-time role. We’re sorry to see him go! Thomas is writing a book on Classical Christian Education, which has a lot of overlap with the upcoming conversation.

We introduce R.L. Stollar as a Dr....but in fact he has not earned a doctorate (yet!)


R.L. Stollar, Child Liberation Theologian and child and survivor advocate and author of the upcoming book Kingdom of Children

Thomas White, former HRP development director and author of upcoming book on Classical Christian Education


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