Free Play

Please report broken links to us. Paid resources are noted with **. Note: all research should be looked at through a critical lens, there is no denying that many research studies fail to be replicated or have mixed results.


Recess: Its Role in Education and Development**. Pellegrini, Anthony. 2005.

  • Detailed study on the importance of recess (and breaks in general) and why overscheduling is dangerous for our students


The Role of Recess in Primary School. Pellegrini, Anthony. 2005.

  • Research comprised and featured in its book by the same author, recognizing the importance of play and socialization in recess.

The Importance of Play. Whitebread, David. 2012.

  • A full report and collection of research supporting why play is insurmountably important for young people.


The Value of Play I: The definition of play gives insights. Gray, Peter. Freedom to Learn. 2008.

  • Outlines the need and practice of play in schools, including its benefits and definition as "play."