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The Effects of Mindfulness on Students' Attention. Bringus, Rose. St. Catherine University. 2016.

  • Although data showed that students didn't necessarily pay attention more using mindfulness techniques (which may be the implementation of the study), students demonstrated a desire for these techniques taught.

Mindfulness Practices and Children's Emotional and Mental Well-Being. Peacock, Jennifer. Brock University. 2015.

  • A heavily researched account on the benefits of mindfulness in the classroom, from statistical data to actual examples of practice.


De-stressing Stress: The Power of Mindsets and the Art of Stressing Mindfully. Crum, Alia & Lyddy, Chris. The Handbook of Mindfulness. 2013.

  • Guide on the meaning of mindfulness and its importance to everyone's lives.

Mindfulness for Students Classified with Emotional/Behavior Disorder. Malow, Micheline & Vance, Austin. Manhattanville College. 2016.

  • An investigation into utilizing mindfulness in the classroom among adolescents that showcased increased "personal mastery" of content.