Restorative Justice

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The Little Book of Restorative Justice. Zehr, Howard. Gohar, Ali. Good Books. 2003.

  • Every facet of restorative justice, including its definition and how it needs to be implemented in society.


Seeing things differently: restorative justice and school discipline. Varnham, Sally. Education and the Law. 2005.

  • Heavily researched account of why restorative justice is needed in school.


Restorative Justice in Schools. Hopkins, Belinda. Support for Learning. 2002.

  • How to use restorative justice in the classroom with research to back up its practice.

Beyond Discipline. Kohn, Alfie. Education Week. 1996.

  • An overview of progressive discipline practices and importance of proper classroom management techniques.

Discipline is the Problem - Not the Solution. Kohn, Alfie. Learning Magazine. 1995.

  • An internal look at how educators need to consider the task that students misbehave on, rather than how they're misbehaving.

Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Strategies. Metropolitan Center for Urban Education. NYUSteinhardt. 2008.

  • Breaks down how personal lens and bias must be examined and facilitated within the discipline system through a series of steps.

Implementing restorative justice. State of Illinois. n.d.

  • Field guide for educators to implement restorative justice techniques at school.

Seeing things differently: restorative justice and school discipline**. Varnham, Sally. Education and the Law. 2006.

  • A look at how foreign countries use restorative justice and its implications for United States practice.

Restorative Justice in Everyday Life: Beyond the Formal Ritual. Wachtel, Ted. International Institute for Restorative Practices. 1999.

  • Outlines how to deal with offending behavior without demeaning or destroying someone's reputation or furthering harm.