Intersecting Coloniality, Youth Autonomy, and Adult Supremacy w/ Drs. Tanu Biswas & Toby Rollo

August 12, 2023
How can we create spaces that share power and promote change in the world?

Today we’re joined by Drs. Tanu Biswas and Toby Rollo. Tanu is an interdisciplinary philosopher of education, focused on challenging children’s historical marginalization. She serves as an advisory board member of The Childism Institute at Rutgers, and is an associate professor of pedagogy at the University of Stavanger and an associate researcher at the Doctoral College for Intersectionality Studies at the University of Bayreuth.

Toby is an associate professor of political science at Lakehead University, whose focus is on the democratic promises and failures of modern institutions with a specific focus on the marginalization of young people. His chapter in the recent work, Trust Kids!: Stories on Youth Autonomy and Confronting Adult Supremacy, edited by carla bergman, focuses on centering the child in our ongoing intergenerational fight for peace, justice, and sustainability in our world.

In our discussion, we'll be talking about the connections between colonization, historical marginalization, youth rights, and adultism.


Drs. Tanu Biswas & Toby Rollo


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