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A guide to human-centric education. An extensive overview of progressive education - from each facet identified by Human Restoration project, to the authors, to the research, this Primer is designed to introduce educators to the humanizing practices of education and start a journey toward radically student-centered practice. Outlined within are readings, reflections, and practices to adapt these systems to any classroom.


"Learning Loss" Handbook

The "Learning Loss" handbook outlines the narrative of "catch up" education being propagated by testing companies and policy makers. In this fillable handbook, we address if "learning loss" something we need to address. And if it isn't, we must figure out what to do instead.

Virtual Learning Handbook

The Virtual Learning Handbook provides suggestions to promote pro student-centered classrooms in the midst of virtual, hybrid, and “pandemic” teaching. This document pairs each of HRP’s 20 progressive education values systems with a specific practice, procedure, or operation to continue to build human-centered environments.

Path to Purpose Handbook

The Path to Purpose Handbook dictates the why, what, and how of “purpose-finding” in the classroom. This fillable document provides an ample array of purpose-finding activities and discussion prompts for use in any classroom, and provides substantial evidence on using this practice in schools.

Ungrading Handbook

The Ungrading Handbook supplies the research, questioning, and ideas necessary to begin the implementation of gradeless learning in your classroom. This fillable document relays discussion questions, media, concepts, and practical applications of “going gradeless” in your classroom environment, even if the district requires grades within a certain period.

Conference resources

Conference to Restore Humanity! 2022

Access a curated list of resources from our 2022 conference, including keynotes and Q&A sessions with Dr. Henry Giroux, Dr. Denisha Jones, and the Harvest Collegiate Circle Keepers, as well as self-paced tracks on anti-carceral pedagogy, childism in education, designing for neurodiversity (against behaviorism), and disrupting discriminatory linguistics.

"why sheets"

Inspired by a call to action from Alfie Kohn, “why sheets” are brief overviews of progressive practice, aimed at parents, students, and the community, to explain why changes are being made at school.

Why Sheet: Eliminating Homework

This why sheet details the research, details, and common questions surrounding eliminating homework.

Why Sheet: Gradeless Learning

This why sheet details the research, details, and common questions surrounding gradeless learning.

1 page pd

1 Page PD: Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice changes the process of disciplinary action at schools. Instead of blanket sentencing, how can we encourage students toward pro-social behavior without pushing them out of the education system?

1 Page PD: Mindfulness

Mindfulness consists of relaxation techniques and a tolerant environment - but there’s much more. How can we change systemic issues in school and beyond to solve the root of these problems?


Using the Evidence Journal for Co-Assessment

This overview provides the necessary information to utilize our Evidence Journal, a portfolio system to self-direct assessment and present learning.

Co-Creating Self-Selected Projects with Students

This overview details how to create projects with students that guide their own learning journey.

additional materials

Grading =/ Assessment

This gradeless learning overview contains: An introduction to gradeless learning and its benefits; A collection of assessment techniques with links to relevant, easy to understand online resources; A group of common troubleshooting issues with gradeless learning and how one may progress.‍

“Deprogramming” Manual

This book is for anyone looking to instill elements of progressive education into their classroom, and are concerned at the student reaction to their policies. By passing power from teacher to student, we may have the belief that chaos or confusion will ensue.

Evidence Journal

This resource, which is explained in detail on our YouTube channel, provides a way to validate self-assessment and incorporate gradeless learning into even the most traditional classroom. This Google Document collection of templates can be catered to one’s class to mitigate standardized assessment and provide multiple outlets for students to demonstrate competency in traditional school subjects.